July 21, 2024

The wood is most commonly used furniture in all over the world; the wood is produced from trees. The wood glue is the best method for joining the damaged wood. The various types of wood glues are available. The glue makes the joint that occurs in wood. The wood glue is an adhesive substance used to tightly bond pieces together; many substances have been used as glue. Continue reading to know more about the wood glue.

Types of wood glue


  • PVA glue


Most of the people use the glue to join the damaged wood. The PVA stands for polyvinyl acetate. It is the most common type of glue that is used in the home; it is inexpensive and has a bonding agent for indoor woodworks. It can be easily cleaned with water because it has a non-toxic substance. The premium wood glue contains cross-linking polyvinyl acetate that gives a higher level of water resistance. So it is mostly used in outdoor woodworking applications. This glue can be easily fixed and do not need to put an excess of glue before it dries.


  • Epoxy-based glue


The epoxy-based glue is formulated for filling the gaps in softwoods and hardwoods. This glue commonly works in two methods such as resin and hardener. The epoxy glue works in the form of bonding two pieces of wood together, it also creates a strong bond. Some epoxy glue designed for an indoor working application.


  • Polyurethane wood glue


The strongest and durable type of wood is called as polyurethane wood. It is versatile and used in different materials such as wood, plastic, stone, metal, glass, and concrete. Due to its high level of waterproof makes suits for both indoor and outdoor applications. This can be used in soft and natural wood which gives natural look and maintains the wood grain. The important thing is to have wet on the surface before you apply the glue. The moisture makes the glue expand and it sets.


  • Cyanoacrylate wood glue


The cyanoacrylate glue is commonly called as super glue, and it is used to two hard pieces of material together. It can repair easily and quickly and also sets in a very short period of time. When you apply this glue it can be runny and messy, it has a high level of bonding power. You should be careful while applying this glue because if the glue got on your fingers or hands it affects your skin.



Usage of wood glue

  • Once you have purchased your wood glue product, you have to remember that it has a life of 12 months. Where some glue has a long life of 24months.
  • Always wear gloves when working with different types of wood glues. It was difficult to remove when it gets on your finger.
  • To avoid nozzle from clogging up with glue, clean it every time after use.
  • Be careful while using the glue. If you get the glue on your hand follows the instruction given in the back of the product to remove.

The bottom line

Follow the above-mentioned types and usage for the good product. Now you have a clear idea about choosing the wood glue and make use of it.