July 25, 2024

Just the mention of the words “bed bugs” is enough to repulse even the toughest person. Bed bugs are usually associated with uncleanliness and cause a feeling of utter disgust. These insects are a serious problem and unfortunately, they’re found in all 50 states. The only hope of preventing them is to understand their behavior, so here are four creepy, yet important, facts about bed bugs.

They Reproduce at an Astounding Rate

Once you find a bed bug in your home, it’s already far too late. Female bed bugs lay eggs every day and although they don’t reproduce as fast as the common housefly, they’re much more destructive. Eggs hatch in about ten days and mature several weeks later. The only way to permanently get rid of bed bugs Fort Myers is to contact a professional exterminator.

Cleanliness Won’t Keep Them Away

Although bed bugs are found in deplorable conditions, keeping clean won’t prevent them. Bed bugs are known to hitch rides in luggage and on your clothes if you’ve traveled. Once they come home with you, they’ll set up camp whether the house is tidy or not. When you travel, avoid putting luggage on the hotel’s floor or in furniture. Launder your clothing in hot water as soon as you return.

They Can Live Months Without a Meal

Bed bugs are perfectly happy when they can make a meal out of you every night. However, if you decide to go on vacation, or move out, they’re content to wait for their next victim. You see, bed bugs can survive up to a year without a good meal. Once you return, or someone else moves in, the body heat of the new occupant will reactivate the infestation.

You Can’t Outrun Bed Bugs

If you’re renting an apartment that becomes infested with bed bugs, you can just move away, right? Sadly, it’s not that easy. Bed bugs are incredibly difficult to get away from and moving requires intense sanitizing or disposal of your belongings. You’ll also have to get rid of your furniture, bedding and anything else bugs could be hiding in.

You’ll Need Help Getting Rid of Them

A bed bug infestation is a horrible problem. Cleaning won’t prevent it, they reproduce like crazy and there’s no way to stop them, except with the help of an expert exterminator. Though your life will be upended for several weeks, an exterminator will finally put an end to a horrible experience.