April 22, 2024

Protect Your AC during the Hot Months of the Year

When it comes to AC repair in Edinburg, Texas, specifically in the Rio Grande Valley, It can become all too frequent. Especially since most of the year, we are pretty much running our AC all the time. This couldn’t be truer than in the summer months when temperatures can get in the 100s. 

When the rains come, the humidity can also get pretty bad. This combination can be tough to handle for us, and can make our air conditioning system work overtime. Primo Heating and AC is available for all Edinburg, McAllen, and RGV residents to ensure that your cooling system is working at its best efficiency possible. With the summer months as brutal as they are, you need an AC system that is reliable and well maintained. 

Primo AC and Heating Services offers top-notch repair, maintenance, and installation services across the Rio Grande Valley. Because we are the experts, here are a few tips to help you keep your AC working great during the summer. few tips to assist you in preventing AC failure this summer:

Always have a maintenance check scheduled every Year. 

Having Primo AC and Heating Services First scheduled to come in before the summer hits is the best thing you can do for your AC cooling system. These maintenance checks are key in keeping your air conditioner running effectively. A maintenance check will help prevent major repairs and will undoubtedly increase the life of your air conditioner. 

Much like your vehicle, getting an inspection on your AC is a must. Having a good cleaning and adjustment will need to be done, especially as time passes and wear and tear begins to show. 

Not only does having an annual maintenance check help increase the life of your AC unit, but it will also make the air quality in your home much better for your family and pets. 

Primo Ac and Heating Services has a vast array of products that can be used to clean up the air circulating in the home. Products such as UVC lamps, polarized air cleaners, drain pan treatments and much more. 

What Can you Expect from a Scheduled Maintenance Check from Primo?

Here is a list of services that can be done while servicing your cooling system:

  • Settings on the thermostat
  • Test safety controls
  • Measure airflow, amps, volts
  • Inspect area around equipment
  • Carbon Dioxide Test (if applicable)
  • Measure temperature differences in supply and return air
  • Test start capabilities of equipment
  • Replace any air-filters as needed
  • Lubricate components
  • Look for signs of corrosion or damage

Some More Tips

These are a few things that you can do yourself that will definitely make a difference. Don’t neglect the air filter, take some time every month to also clean your return air duct, pipe insulation should be checked periodically, make sure that the wiring is well placed and not warn out, and lastly, upgrade to a smart thermostat. 

If your thinking that maybe all of what we listed may seem out of your element, then do what you can and leave it to us to handle all of these things during our annual maintenance check. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped. Our aim is to provide all of our RGV customers and residence information and service that will make their lives easier. Next time you think about your air conditioning, think Primo AC and Heating Services from Edinburg, TX.

Article by: Frank – Primo AC and Heating Services Lead Technician – Edinburg, TX – RGV – Hidalgo County.