July 25, 2024

How do you go about spray-painting?

Yes, spray painting is a lot easier than painting with brush. However, you still need the right resources and knowledge. What you also want to do is prepping! There are techniques to be followed as well.

  • Keeps all the materials well assembled:

Paint alone is available in a few hundred brands or so like CRC all purpose Enamel Spray paint, Dupli-color and Spray-net. Moreover, you must decide on the kind of spray paint like Vinyl or Acrylic.

The materials will entail:

*Spray paint (type, brand and colour depending on your preference and suitability)

* A newspaper, cloth or plastic to protect objects around. Cover them up to prevent damage.

* Primer for quality finish

* Gloves, respirator and goggles. Or any other safety equipment like a suit.

* Painter’s tape

  • Setting up the work space

If you’re outdoors, it works a lot better because you don’t have to inhale much of the fumes. But if you’re working indoors, wear a respiratory mask to stay in the safe zone. Also, temperature variation impacts the paint finish in a substantial way. If the weather is cold or wet, the pain will take much longer to dry. Same with excess humidity.

  1. Just spread the newspaper on the ground and set it with a stone or rock so it doesn’t get blown away by strong gusty winds.
  2. Wrap up all surrounding essentials (preferably with plastic)
  • Using a sawhorse

If you’re painting an item that is too low or placed on the ground, you might want to consider placing it on a sawhorse. It’s basically a rack made out of wood. You don’t have to bend for hours together while painting!

  • Paint box

If you’re painting small items, then this is a novel idea! While spray-painting small objects, there is every possibility of over spraying on other surfaces. In order to lay off this problem, just place the item in a cardboard box before painting.

  • Cleaning

It is important to clean up the surface before you start. Dirt, grime, debris or any other particles sticking to the surface will result in bumps.

Use a damp piece of cloth to make it spotless and ensure that it’s dried out.

Remove any sticker, tape or things like that too. You could use warm water or a cleaning solution if it helps. Sandpaper is also compulsory in evening out the surface.