May 30, 2024

Refresh & reinvigorate: why you should definitely renovate your pool

Does your pool need refreshing? Is it old and dated, like something out of a 1940s film noir? Is it cold as could be for large swathes of the year? If you have answered a simple “yes” to any of these questions then, well, you have your answer: your pool needs renovating!

Sydney homes are replete with outdated piscinas, the kind that fill with dirty water and gather debris like it loves the stuff. With this in mind, there are many benefits to having it upgraded, and we’re here to show you a few of those reasons:

  1. It will beautify it!

The best pool renovation Eastern Suburbs landscapers provide will most certainly reinvigorate its beautiful aesthetic. It should come as no surprise that after many years of use the corrosive water used will deteriorate the surface concrete, causing chipping, fading, stains and other problems that can only really be solved through an upgrade.

Homeowners absolutely love seeing what was once a discoloured shambles reinvigorated into something completely beautiful and welcoming, ensuring that everyone that wants to enjoy this awesome amenity can without feeling like that are going to cut themselves on a chip or hop out covered in murky water!

  1. You can install lighting features

If you’re turning your Sydney home into soiree central then it is probably that you will want to have a few summer night swims. Unfortunately, outdated piscinas don’t contain the modern technology to ensure you and your loved ones can have a dip at all hours of the day.

Thankfully, you can choose to have lighting fixtures installed with your upgrade, further ensuring this fantastic home element becomes part of your plans for entertainment perfection!

  1. You can swim in the winter!

If you ever look out at your pool in the winter months of the year and think, “gee, that’s really going to waste” then you’ve likely thought of the benefits that upgrading can do for winter swimming.

And you will be well aware that upgrading it will allow you to install a heater that allows you to continue your quest to become the next Aussie swimming great even when it’s absolutely frightful outside.

  1. It will add to your property’s value

Because this is a part of a home that should increase the property’s value. However, this isn’t necessarily the case if it is old and dilapidated, and could actually have the opposite effect by reducing your property’s value!

Instead, you can really up your home’s resale value by upgrading this essential part of the home. By beautifying it, installing stunning lighting features, heating and other fantastic elements, you can be sure that it will be adding something to your property’s value as opposed to working as a potential hindrance to it!

  1. It will give it a whole new lifespan!

Because upgrading your pool is essentially like having a brand new one built in your backyard – it provides it with a whole new lifespan that you may have thought impossible in the days when you looked out and saw a frightful mess.

The experts will know exactly what to do when it comes to ensuring your design is one that reinvigorates it, makes it absolutely stunning and far more functional for parties and winter swimming. This is why so many Sydney homeowners are choosing to have this part of the home reinvigorated – it just has so many amazing benefits!