April 19, 2024

Most Interesting Pool Upgrading and Water Maintenance Services You Should be Aware Of

Pool construction is in no way a cheap affair. No matter the type, they still need investment. The only difference would be which one will prove to be the most economical than the others in the long run. However, there are some smart ways to save money whether you’re planning to install one for residential use or for commercial properties. One of those smartest ways is to buy services at genuine construction firms like Construction De Mone only. The reasons to do so are compiled below.

  • Such elite construction and installation firms offer top-notch quality products only.
  • They use shotcrete; hence the pools are strong and durable.
  • They offer the least expensive deals without compromising the quality.
  • They have a team of highly experienced designers who come up with interesting designs, shapes, and colors to accommodate the needs of customers.

And most importantly, their engineers are able to construct different kinds of Best pool vacuum 2020 that include the most popular ones listed below.

  • Infinity pools
  • Waterfall pools
  • Fountain pools
  • Fiberglass pools
  • Pools with jets 
  • Pools fitted with LED lights for special effects

That said, such elite firms offer game-changing services that you should be aware of. The best ones they offer before and after construction and installation are listed below. 

  1. Aquatic Consultation Services

Aquatic consultation services are quite relevant before the construction begins. They include:

  • Designers talk to the clients to understand their needs.
  • Designers offer suggestions and changes to fit the budget without making any major change to ensure that the clients still get what they want.
  • They prepare a 3-D model so that the client can have a look at what the pool would look like upon construction. 
  1. Pool Maintenance Services

Pool maintenance services are needed to ensure that:

  • The water remains safe for swimming
  • The surface does not catch algae
  • The water level and water quality remain stable.

A few maintenance services of utmost importance are listed below. 

  • Inspecting the pool opening and closing.
  • Checking the water quality to ensure there are no chemicals or allergens since concrete can catch them over time if not maintained. 
  • Sand changing services.
  • Surface repair services.
  1. Advanced Filter Services

Filtering pool water from time to time is necessary. The best products by firms like Construction Piscine De Mone to do so include the following. 

  • Cartridge filters
  • Sensors to monitor the level of chlorine
  • Automatic water treatment solutions
  • UV protection system

Yet another advanced pool protection product is a thermal blanket. It ensures that the water doesn’t pollute or evaporate.