July 21, 2024

 Tips on hiring the best home and office movers

If you are facing a move of some kind, whether it is from a flat, a house or even from one office to another, you may be considering using professional movers to help you take care of it. There are some very good reasons to hire some help. At the very least the firm can offer you some muscle and a proper moving vehicle. If you choose to pay a bit more you could even get packing supplies, help with the packing itself, and more. It is hard to know who to choose though, what should you be looking for in the best home and office movers?

Tip One – Reputation

Look for businesses in the area that have a good reputation. You can ask around if you have new renters sharing your office space, who did they use to move in? If you have friends or neighbours that have recently relocated, who did they use and what experience did they have?

Tip Two – Check references

Before you hire anyone ask for references you can call and chat to. Ask about the things that matter to you? Was anything damaged in the move? Were they punctual? Were the people professional to deal with on the day?

Tip Three – Customer testimonials

The great thing about the world we live in today is the internet and the quick information we have at our fingertips. Look online for what customers are saying about their experience, check out independent sites that review and compare moving companies for you. If you are considering using ‘The Smooth Movers’, see how they are performing.

Tip Four – Check credentials

Anyone can buy or hire a van and tell you they are a moving company. So check their background and make sure they are legitimate moving businesses, hopefully with a few years of experience behind them.

Tip Five – Make comparisons

Have a few options and then compare them looking at reliability, cost, manpower, equipment, reputation, and experience. You can then better narrow it down to a company you can trust.


Some firms specialise in office moving, some at home and some offer both, so make sure they have the experience for what your needs are. Your things are important to you and you have a right to have people handling them with respect and care.

The Smooth Movers

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