July 21, 2024

What Size Skip Bin Do I Need?

It can be challenging to find information about what skip bin you might need if you aren’t sure how big a project you are about to undertake. It is helpful to know how big of a skip you will need for your job, and orders placed will require you to pick the dimensions of the skip bin that we send out, so it’s essential to figure out what size is right for you before sending an enquiry.

If you’re organising waste disposal for your home or business, there are so many factors to consider. What is the right size of the skip bin you must use? What if the skip is too small? Hiring one too big will cost money and space; one too small will require extra pickups and more trips by truck to the dump, which is precisely what you were trying to avoid by hiring us in the first place. Choosing the wrong bin can be wasteful, expensive and bad for the environment.

So how do you know how big a skip bin you need? Since you’re reading this, you might already be asking yourself that question. Sometimes it can be hard to know what size skip bin you will need, and we understand that. So, here are some tips for asking yourself that may help you figure it out!

It may be challenging for us to advise on the right skip size for each particular situation, but we can include a few helpful hints that can help prevent some of the typical problems. If you’re unsure, we always recommend going one size up just to be on the safe side. Paying slightly more money for a larger bin will save you lots in the long run if you need to hire another bin or end up not being able to throw out all the rubbish you wanted to get rid of. When we begin a clean-up of some kind, we always tend to discover more to unload than we first anticipated. Most people underestimate how many things they can get rid of until they start clearing.

Skip Bin dimensions:

There are a vast range of skip bin sizes on offer for different prices for both commercial skip bins and domestic rubbish removal in Perth. Consider the number of regular sized waste bin bags you might have and compare them to skip sizes (in cubic metres) below.

Skip bin options are often similar to those we mention below:

  • 2.5 m3 (4ft x 4ft)

We recommend the smallest skip size for a smaller amount of general waste, about 30 bin bags or eight wheelie bins worth. These are ideal for minor clean-ups because they take up the least amount of room on a property or site. This is for multiple small items and maybe one or two larger items. Perfect for light material and general spring cleaning.

  • 3.0 m3 (4ft x 4ft) – 12 wheelie bins worth
  • 4.0 m3 (4ft x 4ft) – 16 wheelie bins worth

For larger household jobs, a 3 or 4 m3 skip may be more applicable, storing about 45 bin bags of waste. These skip bins are more suited for bulky waste. They can typically handle many of the more normal hardware jobs, such as minor alterations to kitchens, toilets, bedrooms, and smaller garden ventures. This option is recommended if you are moving to a new house and simply need an added security for items you may find you don’t want to carry with you into the new home.

  • 6.0 m3 (4ft x 4ft– 24 wheelie bins worth
  • 8.0 m3 (4ft x 4ft) – 30 wheelie bins worth

These larger-scale skips are usually reserved for larger projects and buildings/renovations. Things like kitchen and bathroom remodels or larger garden projects. Because of the scale of kitchens in today’s homes, kitchens can vary. The waste mainly consists of cabinetry and countertops, perhaps a microwave and dishwasher, floor coverings, wall tiles, and packaging from new materials, which should fit nicely into these huge skips that can hold the equivalent of about 75 bin bags full of waste. We also recommend these sizes If you are moving house and throwing out furniture or white goods, bikes, exercise equipment, and general junk items.

  • 9.0 m3 (4ft x 4ft – 36 wheelie bins worth
  • 10 m3 (4ft x 4ft) – 42 wheelie bins worth

Skips larger than 8.0 m3 are usually used for larger commercial and industrial projects, such as building sites and businesses. This is also handy for disposing of heavy construction waste like concrete slabs, bricks, tiles, and metals. These sizes are typically used for more specialised projects but are ideal if you are unsure and feel like there will be many pieces of furniture and oversized items that will need to go in the skip bins.

Skip bins Perth make your waste disposal job easy. Skip hire is a very common service requirement, and fortunately for you, our team at Kwik Skips are experts in the field. We can arrange for the delivery of any sized Skip bins and service to suit your needs.